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Enterprise During Global Market Instability

Data wydania: 2013r.

cena: 45.00zł
Wersja drukowana
Wersja drukowana

autorzy: (rozwiń)

The time of crisis, characterized by unusual instability and uncertainty, is always considered to be a great threat for most companies. That was especially seen during the last global financial crisis that led to significant slowdown in the world economy. Nevertheless, for some entrepreneurs and enterprises, the periods of recessions are the times of great opportunities that are used for organization restructuring and for building strong foundations for future success. Referring to the paradigm of Schumpeterian creative destruction, the crisis and recession often diminish the market position of old inelastic incumbent companies and, at the same time, can help the new or more vigorous and innovative enterprises to gain market position. However, the ability of taking advantage of difficult times is never common among managers and enterprises. Finding effective answers to some typical managerial questions such as: how to build strong relations with our customers? How to improve our human recourse management? What kind of strategic changes do we have to implement? In the reality of diminishing revenues and expenditures of society, anxiety among employees, and very quick or unpredictable changes in the company environment, the above mentioned objectives  are always very difficult to meet. The aim of the book is to try to address some of these difficult questions.


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