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Economics for the Future: Fundamenal Issues in Economic Theory and Practice - edite by Elżbieta Mączyńska

Data wydania: 2015r.

cena: 49.00zł
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Wersja drukowana
Wersja drukowana

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A Note from the Publisher
This monograph is devoted to one of the foremost strands of the ongoing economic debate, that is, the debate on the state of economic theory and on its practical utility and relevance to the rapidly evolving socioeconomic realities and future challenges. (…) We hope that this volume will afford readers a better understanding of the various schools of economic thought and enable an objective evaluation of their practical ramifications as well as foster ways of their rational application.

Notes from Reviewers
The insights presented in this volume stem from experiences and analyses of the crisis that developed, or rather surfaced, in 2008, and affected not only the Western economy, but also society and politics. According to many authors, it also exposed an underlying crisis in mainstream economics, or that strand of economic research which serves as the foundation for policy-making and which is taught to the upcoming generations by school and university teachers. The book contains a set of signals indicative of the state of economics as a science. Interestingly, most of the contributors are inclined towards a heterodox approach.

Prof. Paweł Kozłowski Warsaw University

Readers will certainly appreciate this monograph as an exceptional collection of texts. This is not only thanks to the eminent contributors – outstanding scholars, many of whom actively shaped the socioeconomic system in Poland. Of utmost importance is the pertinent selection of problems addressed by the authors, their convincing lines of argumentation, multifaceted approaches to the subject matter, interdisciplinary diagnoses, and ardent polemics.

Prof. Michał Gabriel Woźniak Cracow University of Economics Economics

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